Doing Statistics in awk

Statistics in awk

One exercise that offers a lot of interesting challenges in coding is to use a programming language for an application that it's not intended to be used for. Writing a Fortran compiler in TECO and solving the Towers of Hanoi problem in the troff text formatter are two examples from the legendary Hacker Purity Test. … Continue reading Doing Statistics in awk

Obfuscated Unix Scripting with sed

Okay, so I had something else planned for this Friday night, but the project I'm working on that I wanted to share is taking a lot longer than expected, so I'm having to push the publication date back a few days while I get all the code working and create all the visuals in SVG. … Continue reading Obfuscated Unix Scripting with sed

Custom Syntax Highlighting for Vim

Hey everybody, it's your favorite tech-savvy psychopath with another informative tutorial for you to enjoy. This time I'm going to show you the system I use for adding my own custom syntax highlighting to Vim, using the scripting language informally known as Vimscript. I say "the system I use" rather than "how to do XYZ" … Continue reading Custom Syntax Highlighting for Vim