10 Assorted Vim Hacks for More Effective Coding

Programming and text editing with the Vim editor

Using Vim was one of the best decisions I ever made as a developer. Once you practice Vim's keystrokes to the point where they become muscle memory, you will be lightning-fast at coding. It's definitely not possible to achieve this same editing speed and agility with a standard IDE. In addition to basic keystrokes for … Continue reading 10 Assorted Vim Hacks for More Effective Coding

Making Text Files Colorful – With a Hex Editor

Output of text file with ANSI escape sequences

Hello, friends. In this tutorial I will be sharing a neat hack that you can use to add colors and other styles to a plain text file. This means that when you view the file with cat, the text will be color-coded. We accomplish this using ANSI escape sequences, a text editor, and a hex … Continue reading Making Text Files Colorful – With a Hex Editor

Using Vim as a File Browser

One of the lesser-known features of Vim is its file browsing capabilities, which are very useful if you want to edit or look at a file that's either in another directory or that you've forgotten the filename or location for. When we hit Ctrl+O in a graphical text editor like Notepad, it brings up a … Continue reading Using Vim as a File Browser

Custom Syntax Highlighting for Vim

Hey everybody, it's your favorite tech-savvy psychopath with another informative tutorial for you to enjoy. This time I'm going to show you the system I use for adding my own custom syntax highlighting to Vim, using the scripting language informally known as Vimscript. I say "the system I use" rather than "how to do XYZ" … Continue reading Custom Syntax Highlighting for Vim