Hi, everyone!

My name is Mike and I’m a nerd. I like to mess around with technology, as well as make art and music. The name Psycho Coder is a play on Psycho Killer – because I like to write code and I’m a little bit of a psychopath at the same time. Honestly, I consider myself a programmer or hacker rather than a coder – the term “coder” conjures up images of some smug hipster with a big ugly “ironic” beard, a ridiculous manicured mustache, gelled up hair, glasses, and “lumbersexual” clothing sipping on an overpriced lattĂ© in Starbucks while sitting at his Macbook coding Python in Sublime Editor. I try to distance myself from these people as much as possible, and I believe they’re not true hackers since they’re only jumping on a trend and didn’t start coding until it became popular. But still, the play on words was just too tempting to pass up, and I wanted to use it before anyone else did.

I guess I will now give a few details about myself. I’ve been programming since 2003 when I was 14 years old. I’ve been fascinated by technology for pretty much my entire life, ever since watching my older brother with his Apple IIc when I was five, and thinking it was the coolest thing ever. I started off programming a calculator in math class, before graduating to microcomputers a few months later. I was raised entirely on Macs, so I didn’t have much to work with, since for most of my childhood and adolescence, the sole family computer was running classic MacOS and hadn’t switched to the Unix platform yet. But almost as soon as I got my own computer running OS X, I started exploring Unix – learning to use Vim as my primary text editor, programming in C using the GCC developer tools, and learning the ropes of system administration on the Unix platform. Shortly thereafter I got my first taste of Linux via a Knoppix live CD.

I decided to start this blog to document some of my exploits as a programmer, hacker, and overall computer nerd, since I love sharing what I know with other people. I’ve had a blog on WordPress before, which I will link to in my Bio. It stands as sort of a relic of my past computing life. My life has changed quite a bit since then, and I’ve changed a lot as well. Consequently, I saw it fit to start a new blog and give myself a fresh start on WordPress. Here’s hoping this leads to many new adventures down the road.


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