Shell Script for Launching a Local Denial-of-Service Attack

Shell script to launch a local denial-of-service attack

Disclaimer: The following article is written for entertainment and educational purposes only. Neither the script shown here nor any of the techniques involved are intended to be used in real life. Launching denial-of-service attacks is illegal and can get you in serious trouble. I do not condone or support any use of such hacking methods … Continue reading Shell Script for Launching a Local Denial-of-Service Attack

Obfuscated Unix Scripting with sed

Okay, so I had something else planned for this Friday night, but the project I'm working on that I wanted to share is taking a lot longer than expected, so I'm having to push the publication date back a few days while I get all the code working and create all the visuals in SVG. … Continue reading Obfuscated Unix Scripting with sed

Setting Up a Home Hacking Lab

I've been hard at work setting up my new pen-testing lab, which will operate over the network I have set up in my room. This article will be both a documentation of my progress as well as advice for others who wish to set up similar labs in their own homes. The purpose of the … Continue reading Setting Up a Home Hacking Lab

Raspberry Pi Reboot

I just rebooted my Raspberry Pi with all new software. The reason? Because the version of Raspbian it was running was so old that even the package manager was out-of-date and I couldn't upgrade it. So after several frustrating attempts to upgrade to the latest version of Raspbian through the package manager, I finally decided … Continue reading Raspberry Pi Reboot

Arch Linux Hacker Battlestation Setup

When I was using my laptop by itself, I loved to boot into Arch Linux and then use tmux to split the terminal into multiple windows and start a bunch of different programs to make it look all 1337ed out. But when I started using the dual-monitor setup, I started to have problems doing this. … Continue reading Arch Linux Hacker Battlestation Setup

Use SyncTERM as a Remote Login Terminal for the Raspberry Pi

This tutorial will show you how to use the terminal emulator SyncTERM as a remote terminal to a Raspberry Pi. For this you will need two things: 1. a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian and connected to a network; 2. a desktop computer connected to the same network, with SyncTERM installed. The protocol we will be … Continue reading Use SyncTERM as a Remote Login Terminal for the Raspberry Pi

How to Generate Truly Random Numbers in POSIX Systems

Everyone knows about the rand() and srand() functions in the C Standard Library (or any of the equivalents in other programming languages). These functions work together to generate pseudo-random numbers from a seed, thus lending some nondeterminism to the program. But what about truly random numbers? What if you want a stream of random data … Continue reading How to Generate Truly Random Numbers in POSIX Systems

Scheduling Jobs in Linux with crontab

Well, it looks like cron/crontab administration is trending in the Linux community on WordPress for some reason, and just my luck, because I happen to be a crontab veteran, having played with this program extensively back in 2010 when I was first learning Unix. It would be foolish, then, for me to not exploit this … Continue reading Scheduling Jobs in Linux with crontab

Custom Syntax Highlighting for Vim

Hey everybody, it's your favorite tech-savvy psychopath with another informative tutorial for you to enjoy. This time I'm going to show you the system I use for adding my own custom syntax highlighting to Vim, using the scripting language informally known as Vimscript. I say "the system I use" rather than "how to do XYZ" … Continue reading Custom Syntax Highlighting for Vim

Marketable Skills (Random X11 Post)

It's weird. I've known how to code for more than half my life - about 15 years now, yet I haven't gotten to the point where my skills are actually marketable. I've learned a hell of a lot of theory - how to design algorithms, how to analyze and optimize them, and also a lot … Continue reading Marketable Skills (Random X11 Post)