Forensics Tool to Detect Encrypted Files

Well shit, looks like I haven't posted in about two weeks. I really didn't mean to do that. This absence was entirely unplanned and served no real purpose. But here I am again, and I'll try to update on a semi-daily basis for the forseeable future. Oh, and it looks like I'm getting regular hits … Continue reading Forensics Tool to Detect Encrypted Files


Writing an Emulator for the MIX Architecture

I've been reading a lot of TAOCP lately (that's The Art of Computer Programming by Donald Knuth for you plebes out there 😛 ). This classic book series consists mainly of designing a lot of algorithms in machine language. The machine language used is that of the fictional MIX architecture, which Knuth created specifically for … Continue reading Writing an Emulator for the MIX Architecture

How to Generate Truly Random Numbers in POSIX Systems

Everyone knows about the rand() and srand() functions in the C Standard Library (or any of the equivalents in other programming languages). These functions work together to generate pseudo-random numbers from a seed, thus lending some nondeterminism to the program. But what about truly random numbers? What if you want a stream of random data … Continue reading How to Generate Truly Random Numbers in POSIX Systems

Scheduling Jobs in Linux with crontab

Well, it looks like cron/crontab administration is trending in the Linux community on WordPress for some reason, and just my luck, because I happen to be a crontab veteran, having played with this program extensively back in 2010 when I was first learning Unix. It would be foolish, then, for me to not exploit this … Continue reading Scheduling Jobs in Linux with crontab

Custom Syntax Highlighting for Vim

Hey everybody, it's your favorite tech-savvy psychopath with another informative tutorial for you to enjoy. This time I'm going to show you the system I use for adding my own custom syntax highlighting to Vim, using the scripting language informally known as Vimscript. I say "the system I use" rather than "how to do XYZ" … Continue reading Custom Syntax Highlighting for Vim

Real Programmers Don’t Use Structs

 1 /* Behold, the Holy Grail of low-level procedural  2 programming...  3   4 The essay Real Programmers Don't Use Pascal tells  5 of Real Programmers who are able to code complex  6 data structures and algorithms without the aid of  7 objects, structs, or similar high-level aggregate  8 data types.  Real Programmers, according to the  9 mythos, are able to program using arrays as their … Continue reading Real Programmers Don’t Use Structs

Marketable Skills (Random X11 Post)

It's weird. I've known how to code for more than half my life - about 15 years now, yet I haven't gotten to the point where my skills are actually marketable. I've learned a hell of a lot of theory - how to design algorithms, how to analyze and optimize them, and also a lot … Continue reading Marketable Skills (Random X11 Post)