Data Analysis: Retro Edition with Microsoft Works 3.0

So recently I've started getting into some more data-oriented stuff - statistics, regression analysis, etc. It started with some spreadsheets and graphs that I was making in Microsoft Works and gradually transitioned into data analysis using R and eventually into actual AI programming. To chronicle this recent evolution properly, I think it best to start … Continue reading Data Analysis: Retro Edition with Microsoft Works 3.0

Exploring Borland dBase IV for DOS

Last week I took a dive into the office life of yesteryear with Microsoft Works 3.0 for DOS. Now I'm exploring some more retro business software, this time delving into the ancient database management system known as Borland dBase. dBase was THE first commercially successful DBMS for microcomputers, and in fact it is still active … Continue reading Exploring Borland dBase IV for DOS

Exploring Microsoft Works for DOS

I have a recurring fantasy. My fantasy is of working at some office job during the 90's, sitting at a desk with a computer running MS-DOS, doing business stuff with business software. Maybe I'm one of those guys who works at those cubicles you see at the car dealership, crunching numbers and tabulating data into … Continue reading Exploring Microsoft Works for DOS