My New Thinkpad X131e

So this is my first time in like three years not being a NEET. I started Fall classes at the community college, and I'm also doing a work study job there as part of my financial aid, so I've been pretty busy lately. It was getting to be kind of a pain in the ass … Continue reading My New Thinkpad X131e

Raspberry Pi Reboot

I just rebooted my Raspberry Pi with all new software. The reason? Because the version of Raspbian it was running was so old that even the package manager was out-of-date and I couldn't upgrade it. So after several frustrating attempts to upgrade to the latest version of Raspbian through the package manager, I finally decided … Continue reading Raspberry Pi Reboot

Arch Linux Hacker Battlestation Setup

When I was using my laptop by itself, I loved to boot into Arch Linux and then use tmux to split the terminal into multiple windows and start a bunch of different programs to make it look all 1337ed out. But when I started using the dual-monitor setup, I started to have problems doing this. … Continue reading Arch Linux Hacker Battlestation Setup