About Me

Here are some of my stats, in case anyone was wondering:

Operating systems: Windows 7, Arch Linux, Raspberry Pi OS, Tails, MS-DOS 6.22

Languages: C, Ruby, Unix shell, sed, awk, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, SQL, R, Common Lisp, Fortran, x86 assembly, DOS batch, QBASIC, TeX, troff, JSON, Vimscript

Web browsers: Iridium, Brave

Shell of choice: bash or zsh

Communities I use: WordPress, Twitter, GitHub, Minds, Reddit, DeviantArt, Discord, Hashnode

Games I’ve played: Doom Ultimate, Quake, Wolfenstein 3D, Duke Nukem 3D, Cyberdogs, Adventure, Zork, Nethack, Rogue, Angband, Aardwolf MUD, GEAS, Wesnoth, Hunt the Wumpus, Kingdom of Kroz

Other (non-tech-related) interests: Mathematics, music composition (EDM), drawing, photography, world history, religious esoterica, Eastern studies, government leaks (meaning NWO stuff), Latin, writing (fiction, poetry, essays, and technical writing), Machiavellianism, business and entrepreneurship, investing, economics, social psychology, philosophy (stoicism, nihilism, metaphysics), tradecraft/OPSEC, art history, everything Oriental (music, food, history, art, culture, etc.)