Convert a TeX File Directly to PDF Format (Cygwin)

This post is a note to myself, in the fashion of another blogger on here that I follow. I think it’s prudent because I just had to jump through a bunch of hoops to solve the titular problem, only to find that there was a much simpler method. Basically, I didn’t know how to convert a TeX file to PDF format locally so I tried to find an online converter, only to find that they all force you to use LaTeX for your source file. It’s like, come on! If all I want to do is typeset a few simple equations for a blog post, I don’t need all that fancy-schmancy document formatting stuff. I’d rather do without all the extra markup if I can. Fortunately I found a way to do it locally.

Note to self: To convert a TeX file to PDF format in Cygwin, run the following command:

$ pdftex file.tex

This produces a PDF file with the filename “file.pdf”.

Thanks for reading this very short tutorial. I’ll be back tomorrow with the next update on my Corona-Chan project.


2 thoughts on “Convert a TeX File Directly to PDF Format (Cygwin)

  1. The problem with pdftex or pdflatex is that most often you’ll have to include some packages in your tex file, and compiling it will be a pain in the ass if you don’t have the whole thing on your system locally.

    LaTeX is available in Ubuntu/Arch repos, you can install it with a single command from there. It’s always better that way.


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