I’m not dead.

Holy shit, I’ve been gone for a long time. Since May I think. Sorry to have been away for so long, but I had my reasons. Life got in the way, and I put the blog on hold so I could deal with some of the situations that came up, as well as make a dent in some of my other projects that I’ve been neglecting. I had been meaning to return to the Psycho Cod3r enterprise for some time, but eventually I decided to just take the whole summer off, come back in September, and call it my Summer Vacation.

Man, this past Summer was a rollercoaster of a summer. I wrote a significant portion of my debut album, worked on several large-scale coding projects, got a new printer, went through a legal battle with one of my housemates that ended with him getting evicted and me moving into his room, signed up for courses at the local college so I can go back to school and finally complete my associate’s degree and start earning some certificates, fought tooth-and-nail for a federal student grant because I’m flat-out broke and there was no way in Hell I’d be able to pay for it on my own, had a nervous breakdown and started cutting, went to the loony bin for a week, fell in love with a beautiful girl I met in the loony bin only to have the relationship end abruptly once we were no longer under the same roof and she went back to dating her ex, struggled to live a normal life in the wake of the heartbreak and everything else that had happened, and finally got back on my feet, went back to my projects, and just picked up where I left off.

My return was originally scheduled for around the beginning of September, but I kept pushing it back, and the main reason for this was school. I’m taking a class in Java programming and a class in CISCO IOS, and both courses are very demanding, so I’ve been basically up to my neck in work. I was hoping things would quiet down for the Fall, but in reality my life has still been fairly busy. But I couldn’t justify being away this long unless I came back in September and called it my Summer vacation, so here I am. And I have a lot more cool stuff to write about, so I look forward to updating this blog regularly again.


3 thoughts on “I’m not dead.

    1. Hello again, old friend. Nice to see a familiar face. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep updating this blog from now on, as well as keep reading everyone else’s blogs that I’m following. I’ll probably only post like once a week though, just due to how busy I am right now. But I’ll be sure to stay active and check out what you and all the other tech bloggers are doing.

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      1. That’s understandable! I’ve barely posted much at all this summer due to starting a computer science MRes (Master of Science by Research, in case there’s a different term for it in the US) and contracted full-stack web development from my university.


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