Major Announcement: I Have a Brand Spankin’ New Homepage

I have just spent the entire afternoon designing an entirely new homepage for my WordPress site. This homepage features:

  • Major topics of interest listed at the top for easy navigation
  • A Status Report section where I post stuff that I’m thinking that I don’t think warrants a whole blog post
  • A Recent Announcements section
  • Sections for my most recent article and promoted content
  • A Projects section where I describe ongoing projects I’m working on and collect all blog entries having to do with each project in the same place
  • A Highlight Reel for my blog
  • A Top Tutorials section listing the best tutorials I’ve written
  • An Odds and Ends section for stuff you probably won’t find anywhere else on the Internet
  • A search engine for my entire WordPress site
  • An About Me section with a picture of Norman Bates

You can check out my new homepage here. Tell me what you think. 😛


4 thoughts on “Major Announcement: I Have a Brand Spankin’ New Homepage

      1. I was at university on one of their machines at the time I commented, so I’m unsure if they’re using some proxy.

        I don’t ordinarly do personally, but I have an active PIA subscription in case I need to use it. I’m mortified by Article 13, but I haven’t really reacted to it yet.


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