The Michael Warren Free Software License

Well, I finally got my office chair and put it together. There was a problem with the Amazon order and they shipped it to somewhere in Florida by accident, so I decided to just go to a brick-and-mortar store. I got a chair from Staples and I spent the entire afternoon putting it together. I’ve also been working on trying to get my old Macbook fixed so that I can get the data off of it, since there’s a lot of code, images and multimedia files, and documents that I haven’t had access to in nearly a year.

Needless to say I’ve been very busy today and haven’t had time to write anything too involved, so this time I thought I’d share the new software license that I’ve concocted. I call it the Michael Warren Free Software License. It’s an open source license designed with a single goal: to protect the licensed software, its authors, and its users from people with malicious intent. It’s the twenty-first century. Keeping software open source isn’t the main priority anymore. Protecting the software and its users and contributors from New World Order elites bent on tracking people’s every move and greedy corporate moguls who want to eliminate competition with anti-competitive patent suits is far more important in today’s world.

So without further ado, here is Version 1.0 of the license in its entirety. If anyone has any advice on how to improve it, please let me know in the comments.

Terms of the Michael Warren Free Software License:


- In the following document, the terms "Michael Warren FSL" and "FSL"
  both refer to the Michael Warren Free Software License, i.e. the
  document you are reading right now.
- In the following document, the term "Micheal Warren" refers to the
  author of this document and the owner of the Pastebin account to which
  the original copy of this document was posted (/u/AnonymousNamefag).
- In the following document, the terms "FSL-licensed software" and
  "FSL software" refer to software released under the Michael Warren FSL.
- In the following document, the term "non-FSL software" refers to
  software not released under the Michael Warren FSL.
- In the following document, the term "author" refers to the individual
  or legal entity under whose name a given piece of FSL-licensed software
  is released.
- In the following document, the term "contributor" refers to any
  individual or legal entity who was an author of a given piece of
  FSL-licensed software or any piece of FSL software that that software
  was derived from, either directly or indirectly.
- In the following document, the terms "telemetry" and "surveillance"
  refer to any method of covertly collecting any data on any individual
  using a piece of FSL-licensed software unless such data was explicitly
  and intentionally provided by that individual.


1. This document is a binding legal contract between all parties involved
   in the production, modification, distribution, redistribution, or
   use of any software released under the terms of this license, or
   in the combination of FSL-licensed software with other software.
   Anyone who creates, modifies, distributes, redistributes, uses, or
   combines any such software implicitly agrees to the terms of this
   contract in doing so.

2. All software released under the Micheal Warren FSL is provided AS IS
   with absolutely no warranty, not even the implied warranty of fitness
   for a particular application.  Neither Michael Warren nor any author
   or contributor to any FSL-licensed software may be held responsible
   for any damages that may result from use or misuse of FSL-licensed
   software.  An FSL contributor may provide a warranty, technical
   support, or additional guarantees on top of the initial agreement, but
   no warranty or liability is implied unless the contributor explicitly
   provides for it.

3. All software released under the Michael Warren FSL is open source.
   The source code does not have to be provided with the software, but
   it does have to be made publicly available and easily accessible.
   Additionally, this license prohibits any use of intentional obfuscation
   techniques designed to prevent reverse-engineering of FSL software.

4. This license prohibits any use of telemetry or surveillance for
   any purpose - commercial, legal, or otherwise.  Additionally, all
   contributors, authors, and users of FSL software must know that if
   any entity attempts to pressure them to install backdoors or other
   surveillance techniques in FSL software, then they are legally required
   to refuse such demands, and any compliance with such demands amounts
   to breach of contract.

5. Anyone who modifies or rereleases a piece of FSL software must give
   credit to any previous authors or contributors to that software
   whenever possible.  All information regarding the identities of those
   who contributed must be preserved, unless such information includes
   personally identifiable information (PII) that could be used to
   inflict harm on one or more of those individuals.  In essence, the
   entire chain of custody of the software must be preserved.

6. FSL software may be combined with non-FSL software under certain
   conditions, which will be detailed in the following paragraph.
   If such combination occurs, then only the FSL-released portion of the
   product is affected by the terms of this license.  FSL software may be
   combined with closed-source software, as long as the source code for
   the FSL-released portion is made public.  However, FSL software may
   not under any circumstances be combined with software that violates
   Section 4 of this license.

7. Michael Warren has final say on any confusions that may arise regarding
   the interpretation of any clause of the present document.  Furthermore,
   Michael Warren reserves the right to modify this document at any time,
   without notice, in order to deal with any unanticipated legal or other
   issues that may arise with regards to this license or any software
   released under its terms.


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