The Psycho is Back!

You’re probably wondering where I’ve been for the past week or so. Well, if you must know, I took a little vacation from the blogosphere because I realized my content was getting a little stale, and I needed to spice it up a bit. When 100% of your time and energy is devoted to blogging, you tend to run out of ideas pretty quickly. I realized if I wanted to continue coming up with new things to write about, I needed to have other projects going on in my life. So that’s what I’ve been doing for the last few days. I’ve taken some time to really devote myself to learning new skills and working on tech projects.

I must admit I felt a little trapped in my whole blogging cycle, feeling the need to come up with something new every day or so, which, considering that researching and writing a draft on WordPress can take several hours, prevented me from really focusing on anything else. I realize writing about my own projects has yielded some of the best results on this blog in terms of number of hits and whatnot. But it’s pretty hard to continue writing about my projects if I don’t have any projects to write about. I hope you’ll understand. I only did what was necessary. I needed some time to really get a head start on some side projects so that when I came back I would have a wealth of fresh new content to post that would be both relevant, interesting, and exciting.

A quick rundown of some of the stuff I’ve been doing lately:

  • I started reading The Art of Computer Programming, and started writing an emulator for the fictional MIX architecture detailed in the book. When finished, this emulator will include an assembler to convert MIX assembly code to machine instructions, and an execution environment to actually translate and run the MIX programs, with an additional debug console for I/O.
  • I did more with QBASIC, including creating the new Psychofont-5x6 typeface, as well as implementing my first sprite animation program and with it my first giant leap towards a full-fledged QBASIC game.
  • I made significant progress in teaching myself the X Window API, which will allow me to add graphical elements and widgets to my Unix/Linux programs and thus make my general C programming skills more marketable.
  • I wrote a C program that uses an ASCII text file to generate a bitmap image for use in the X Window System. This will be used to facilitate the creation of X11 icons and graphics with just a simple text editor.
  • I started exploring Kali Linux, looking at some of the security and pen-testing tools it has, then looking up the tools on the Internet to see what they do and hopefully improve my knowledge of cyber security in the process. My ultimate goal is to be able to participate in the HackTheBox challenge, and I figured digging through Kali Linux would be a good place to start.
  • I wrote a new free software license under which all future open source software I write will be released. It’s a custom-tailored licensed designed to protect myself and my code from people with malicious intent. This license is somewhat revolutionary, as I believe it is the first software license to explicitly prohibit all telemetry and surveillance.

Coming up with a new full-length post every day can be rather time-consuming. I’ve decided to start posting somewhat less frequently than before, so that I can focus on quality rather than quantity. I think my average rate of posting will be about once every 36-72 hours. In the early days of this blog I felt the need to build up a comprehensive portfolio of content covering all the topics I wanted to cover, but now that this blog has matured and I have 30+ articles on a range of different tech topics, I think I can pull back a little and redirect my resources towards project development. From now on I’m going to be working on this blog alongside other projects, and it will serve (at least in part) as a log of my continuing progress on these projects.

I’ve also done some renovation on this site during my hiatus. The Categories list is now in a drop-down menu form. I also added a Twitter sidebar so readers can check out my latest tweets from my microblog while they’re browsing my macroblog. As soon as I have enough extra money saved up, I plan to buy a premium membership (I think it’ll be $96 up front for the first year), which means I’ll have my own domain and more control over the CSS and other aspects of the content, and I’m going to make it look totally 1337. At some point down the road I’m going to start creating merchandise and selling it through my WordPress site. This merchandise will include books and software I’ve written as well as possibly other things. So stay tuned. I have a lot of cool stuff in the works.

So that’s a summary of what I’ve been doing and what is to come. I made it to one month with this blog. Now here’s hoping for many more. Lots of exciting things are coming in the future, so check back often, and be sure to give me a follow if you like what I’ve posted so far. See you soon! 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Psycho is Back!

  1. Hey, welcome back!

    You bring up a good point about the time spent *writing* about a project versus the time actually working on a project. It’s important to find that balance.

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